Flashman Group


Group Members



 Emily is a protein chemist interested in oxygen-sensing enzymes, particularly in how their structures and kinetic properties       drive their physiological functions.










Dona Gunawardana

Dona completed her PhD with Dr Ivanhoe Leung at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, working on structural studies of ACCO before moving to the UK in the middle of a pandemic to join our group on our ERC-funded project to determine the role of PCOs in oxygen-sensing. Dona is investigating the nature and breadth of PCO:substrate interactions.







Salma Akter

Salma is a redox biologist, has a joint PhD with Dr. Joris Messens and Dr. Frank Van Breusegem at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Ghent University, Belgium focusing on the cysteine based oxidative post translational modifications of proteins. Before moving to Oxford as a research scientist, she had her postdoctoral experience with Dr. Kate Carroll at the SCRIPPS research institute, Florida, working on cysteine sulfenic acid modification and finding new targets of sulfiredoxin. Salma is investing her expertise in our lab, to understand the oxidative and Nitrosative modification on ERF VII transcription factor under hypoxia.








Shahneawz Khan


Shahneawz has his PhD with Dr. Patrice Soumillion at the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium. He has expertise in protein chemistry focusing on the enzymology and protein engineering. Shahneawz is investigating on the efficacy of stress responsive chemical probes, role of Fe-dependent oxygenases in hypoxic responses.






D.Phil. Students

Leah Taylor-Kearney


Leah is a student on the NERC Environmental Research DTP and is investigating oxygen-sensing mechanisms in early land plants and algae.




Karen Heathcote

Karen is a student on the Oxford-Crick-GSK Chemical Biology D.Phil. programme and is investigating the human thiol dioxygenase ADO and it's role in oxygen sensing.





Anna Dirr

Anna is an ERC-funded student exploring PCO function in Arabidopsis through targeted active site manipulation.


Rebecca Latter

Rebecca  is an ERC-funded student exploring ways to effectively and specifically inhibit PCO activity.













Part II Students

Brian White

Brian is investigating the pH dependence of the PCOs.

Sam Madden

Sam is investigating the substrate scope of algal PCOs.