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We are interested in how cells sense and respond to cellular stress, particularly in plants. Our primary interest is in oxygen-sensing thiol dioxygenases, which direct responses to low oxygen in both plants and humans. Please explore the site to find out more...



Group News

5th Feb 2021: Welcome to the group Salma and Shahneawz! Salma will be investigating the effect of redox stress on hypoxic signalling in plants and Shahneawz will be looking at the efficacy of novel redox-sensing probes to quantify redox stress in plant cells. 

 27 Jan 2021: Congratulations Dr Leah on passing your DPhil viva! Fantastic news! 




16 Nov 2020: Welcome to Brian and Sam, our 20/21 Part II undergrad project students - Brian will be looking at pH sensitivity of PCO activity and Sam will be investigating substrate preferences of algal PCOs.

1st Oct 2020: Welcome to Rebecca and Anna - our two new D.Phil. students funded by the ERC to investigate the role of PCOs in flood responses and whether they can be manipulated for improved flood tolerance. 

   9 Sept 2020: Moving into our new lab space in the Rodney       Porter Building!!!




Latest Publications

Oxygen-sensing mechanisms across eukaryotic kingdoms and their roles in complex multicellularity. Hammarlund EU, Flashman E, Mohlin S, Licausi F (2020) Science. 370:eaba3512.

Structures of Arabidopsis thaliana oxygen-sensing plant cysteine oxidases 4 and 5 enable targeted manipulation of their activity. White M, Dalle Carbonare L, Lavilla Puerta M, Iacopino S, Edwards M, Dunne K, Pires E, Levy C, McDonough M, Licausi F, Flashman E (2020) PNAS. 117:23140

Conserved N-terminal cysteine dioxygenases transduce responses to hypoxia in animals and plants. Masson N, Keeley TP, Giuntoli B, White MD, Puerta ML, Perata P, Flashman E, Licausi F, Ratcliffe PJ (2019). Science. 365:65.

Zinc excess induces a hypoxia-like response by inhibiting cysteine oxidases in poplar roots. Dalle Carbonare L, White M, Francini A, Shukla V, Perata P, Flashman E, Sebastiani L, Licausi  F (2019). Plant Physiol. 180:1614.




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